Bringing back the Gold Standard.

A decentralized, scalable, and autonomous financial ecosystem.


BullionFX has developed two tokens.

Offering a secure infrastructure and full control around the ability to trade, pay, save, yield and participate in de-fi, synthetics, and other open source products with the ability to store underlying wealth in any major currency or $GOLD.


The world’s first institutional grade gold backed cryptocurrency.

$GOLD has solved the inherent problems competitors have around liquidity, institutional grade audit, physical withdrawal and reputation.


A token representing the Bullion ecosystem itself, that is purchased and burned monthly from transaction fees within the ecosystem. The Bullion ecosystem roadmap includes exchange, payment, yield, de-fi, synthetics and open source applications.


$GOLD owners can request insured delivery of physical gold bars once they hold at least 1kg of $GOLD.


Stake and earn a return on major currencies, including $GOLD.