About BullionFX

The Bullion Ecosystem will offer users secure infrastructure and full control around the ability to trade, pay, save, yield, and participate in de-fi, synthetic, and other open source products creating a decentralized financial ecosystem which bridges the traditional and decentralized world, and the user experience.


The payment roadmap includes functionality through global payment providers to offer a range of deposit and debit card products allowing $GOLD to be utilised as currency.


The Bullion decentralized reserve offers custody and storage of any major cryptocurrency while earning a yield, without the need to trade off technical know-how against security.


$BULL builds the bridge between existing decentralized and traditional markets to use crypto as security to borrow in fiat. Stake and earn a return on major currencies, including $GOLD.


Synthetic integration within the ecosystem will allow users to have easy, decentralised, and autonomous access to a range of products, while also allowing users to create their own synthetics representing assets, rights, and products.

Our mission

Digital banking has revolutionised the user experience, but has failed to revolutionise the banking system.

We are facing a serious challenge where currency markets today are reliant on an inherent trust of institutions that are no longer seen as trustworthy, and currency as an asset itself is highly volatile and inflationary.

Our mission is to bring currency back to the gold standard that can be trusted again. We are democratising access and ownership of gold - therefore allowing everyone to build their wealth safely in a new global economy.

The Vision

The Bullion ecosystem will offer users secure infrastructure and full control around the ability to trade, pay, save, yield and participate in de-fi, synthetics and other open source products with the ability to store underlying wealth in any major currency or $GOLD.


Over the past years, we have been leading and developing several blockchain projects, however it was only until we realised the missing element for commodity backed blockchain security tokens was institutional-grade audit..

...and that led us to co-founding BDO Blockchain, and becoming their first client in the blockchain space when founding BullionFX.



Founded by BDO Australia and the co-founder of BullionFX


BullionFX LTD Is incorporated

BullionFX Ltd is incorporated in Cayman Island, with a subsidiary in Australia, becoming the first blockchain client of BDO. Product version 1.0 is built. Seed capital is raised.



BullionFX portal is officially launching, with $GOLD launching on select exchanges around the world. Series A capital is raised.

Our Team

The founding team of BullionFX has unrivalled global expertise in Precious Metals, Blockchain, Audit, Custody, Liquidity, Sales, Marketing, and Community Building.

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