The most competitive physical gold product in the world.

A decentralised digital gold registry linked to global wholesale physical gold market liquidity, surrounded by institutional-grade audit, insurance and storage.


A sound money solution

$GOLD is a digital asset, backed by physical gold that is stored in secure vaults (BRINKS, Custodian Vaults). If you own $GOLD, you own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by BullionFX.

Send & Receive

$GOLD can be transferred instantly to anyone globally. Recipients can instantly exchange for supported currencies.


$GOLD saves investors on transactional costs, storage and insurance costs, provide audits at no additional cost, and allow investors to transfer their physical gold globally at no additional cost.


$GOLD owners can request insured delivery of physical gold bars once they hold at least 1kg of $GOLD.

Real Time Trading

$GOLD works with London Bullion Market Association member refineries to provide live wholesale spot pricing for physical gold.

In 5 minutes start building wealth in gold

$GOLD is providing all the benefits of paper gold while avoiding the risks and expense of owning physical gold.