Amanda Terry


Amanda Terry

Entrepreneur with BA in Public Policy from Princeton University and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton.

A highly versatile and proven leader in sales, business development, and marketing, I have the ability to scale revenues, profitability, and market share in start-ups and multi-billion dollar public corporations. I have a strong, global network in and outside of the marketing tech ecosystem and enjoy working in high growth, team-based environments.

Amanda has help lead the community for ACTAI Global, a 501c3 and community of Athletes, Conservationists, Technologists, Artists and Innovators who combine our energy, network and resources to support two missions 1) environmental conservation and 2) economic empowerment via entrepreneurship. Leading a number of impactful initiatives with partners including the UNDP Accelerator Labs, UN Joint SDG Fund, Xtreme Tech Challenge, and Mission Blue.

Looking to act as a seed investor in capital efficient, digital businesses, which are well-valued, have traction in massive markets with strong founders and impact.

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